Four years ago tragedy came with Ukrainian shells into Gorlovka

27 July

Four years ago tragedy came with Ukrainian shells into Gorlovka

Girl remembers that horrible day as it was yesterday. It happened on 27th July 2014 when first innocent people were killed as a result of Kiev aggression.

‘I saw Kristina in front of me. Her leg was torn into pieces; however, she was still alive. And she repeated all the time ‘Kira, my little daughter, Kira, my little daughter!’ And she whispered curses to the address of killers’, Yulya tells about that horrible image seen by her.

‘I stood up having staggered, and she screamed when she saw me. I could not stand and I fell down. And I saw that my trouser leg was torn, and a large wounds. My voice said me that ‘It is not me. It is sleep. It could not be. I would wake up, however, I did not manage to do this’.

The girl saw her rucksack that flew away from her shoulders. Her thinks were everywhere far away. She crept to the rucksack; she found something to bind up her leg. She wanted to call the ambulance, but there was no telephone. Then she pressed her wound and stood up to find someone who would help them. Having been contused, she did not understand where to go. And she just went forward. Occasional passer-by brought her to the hospital that was so close. Yulya grew up in this city, but she forgot everything. When they reached the building, she could not understand how to enter it.

‘Doctors were shocked at my appearance. I was burnt ( 15% of burns were fixed later), with burnt hair, I was covered in blood and I came into the hospital admission. I saw a bed and I fell down on it. A doctor asked me about my age, and when he heard the answer, he stepped aside he swore obscenely. I told him that I occurred under the shelling that my friend and mother with a child are still there. They are alive and they need help. I repeated this all the time. Later I knew that Kira was saved that day, small girl, but it was another girl. I did not know that Dima was killed there’, the girl revises.

Yulya was injected with an analgesic and they started applying bandages, when they ran out of bandages, they started using bedsheets. Shelling of Gorlovka did not stop and doctors took all patients to the basement. Exactly there with dull yellow light she got the first surgery. Surgical table was a sofa.

Yulya with other children was delivered to the Donetsk traumatology in a day. Her mother was with her. And she got numerous surgeries, bandages under anesthesia, then without it. Her body and her face were in tiny fragments that were to be taken and the size of her wound on the leg was 26cm to 16 cm.

‘Since my childhood my face was covered with freckles, and now I do not have them on burnt cheek. You know, doctors called me Cossack woman for my courage’, Yulya said.

On 7th August the girl with her mother and other children was taken to Moscow hospital of Roshal at support of  doctor Liza.

The girl knew that Dima, Kristina and small Kira perished only from the Internet. Relatives hid this from her.

‘I want to be a doctor; however, stethophone is not for me as a result of sequences f the wound. I dream about stomatology. It was not easy to come to terms with Russian study program, at home I was nearly excellent pupil, however, I will manage’, she said quietly.

(Yulya was 15 years when the tragedy happened, she overcame 30 anaethetics, that day she and her friend Dima walked in the park, they were shelled by Kiev junta forces at 13.00, at 14.00 Dima was going to gat bus to Odessa…)

 Nataliya Sinyavskaya


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