Full Military Report From Col. Basurin, Two Nazi Ukraine Sabotage Units Liquidated, Six Toy Soldiers Dead, Also Homes Destroyed Due To Kiev Regime Bombing ! (VIDEO)

16 August

Full Military Report From Col. Basurin, Two Nazi Ukraine Sabotage Units Liquidated, Six Toy Soldiers Dead, Also Homes Destroyed Due To Kiev Regime Bombing ! (VIDEO)


Yesterday, from Mariupol  the enemy again undertook actions proving once again their lies, lies and false statements by the Ukraine Junta authorities about the Minsk agreements’ observance and their so-called intention to settle the conflict in Donbass peacefully ! A mockery And A Criminal War Waged On The People Of Donbass ! 

After 9 pm,  Two Nazi Ukraine Units,10-strong enemy subversive and reconnaissance groups attempted to advance through the so-called ‘grey zone’ in the vicinity of Kominterno locality under the cover of heavy mortar fire. Both groups were promptly identified by our observers. Having assessed the situation and reported to the People's Army Command, units of the DPR Armed Forces forced the enemy to withdraw, opening fire on the adversary units from small arms. Having suffered losses, as six servicemen were killed and three wounded, Nazi Ukrainian saboteurs retreated. The sabotage groups’ actions were supported by mortar shelling from the positions of the 59th separate motorized infantry brigade of the Nazi Ukrainian Armed Forces, both at our positions and at residential buildings in the localities of Leninskoye, Kominternovo, Zaichenko, Sakhanka and Oktyabr. The fire had been adjusted with a drone that was shot down.

Earlier, I have repeatedly stated the provocative actions being prepared by the ‘ATO’ headquarters. They are intended to provoke back fire from our positions, shelling their own positions and then directing blame on the DPR Army, , initiate active response actions and record these so-called facts under the control of Ukrainian Junta  media. Provocations are aimed at accusing the DPR Armed Forces of unwillingness to implement the Minsk agreements.

The DPR Armed Forces’ Command considers it likely that this kind of provocation will be repeated by the Nazi Ukrainian Armed Forces, and we are ready for an adequate response within the reached agreements.

*************************************************MILITARY SITUATION REPORT FROM COL. BASURIN **********************************

Over the past day, 56 violations of the ceasefire regime by the Nazi Ukrainian Armed Forces were registered.

In the Donetsk direction, the enemy applied tanks, cannons of armoured personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, mortars, as well as anti-tank guided missiles. 13 localities’ areas were targeted with 12 tanks rounds, 62 mortar shells of 120-mm calibre and 52 of 82-mm calibre. As a result of the shelling, residential houses sustained damages in Dokuchayevsk locality, on Gribnaya St., 3, and in Trudovskiye locality on Krasnaya Zvezda St., 14.

In the Gorlovka and Mariupol directions, the enemy applied mortars, firing 58 mortar shells of 120-mm calibre and 97 of 82-mm calibre, along with grenade launchers and small arms against ten localities’ areas. As a result of the bombardments of Leninskoye locality’s adjacent areas, the power transmission line which had been restored yesterday afternoon was again damaged. Hundreds of residential houses in the localities of Kominternovo, Zaichenko, Leninskoyeand Dzerzhinskoye were cut off power supply. Repairmen were forced to postpone works, scheduled for the morning, due to the resumption of shelling.

Two servicemen were killed in the Republic’s defense lines, one received severe wounds.




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