Germans persuaded themselves that Crimea is Russia

19 November

Germans persuaded themselves that Crimea is Russia

German ‘partners’ exploded one more propaganda myth, according to which Crimean population sleeps and sees how to return back to Crimea.

Maidan supporters are sure that citizens of the peninsula read Tars Shevchenko in the evenings, and wait for the AFU that would ‘liberate’ them from captivity of Putin. Songs of Jamala and exclamations of Chubarov who offers to disrupt all contacts with Belorussia because of his position on Ukrainian resolution in UN on Crimea help to make this feeling stronger.

In several days after this event with resolution, German Center ZOiS made a poll among citizens f Crimea and it found out which connection have they to Ukraine.

It turned out that less than 1% of questioned people supported them to be in Ukraine, all the others, more than 99% said that they are in Russia.

Only 12% of people reported that in time of these 3 years they visited regions of Ukraine.



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