Incredible Work By Our MGB Of The Donetsk Republic, A Long Running Operation Well Done, Finally Capturing A Ukraine Terrorist Before Chaos Struck ! (VIDEO)

17 August

Incredible Work By Our MGB Of The Donetsk Republic, A Long Running Operation Well Done, Finally Capturing A Ukraine Terrorist Before Chaos Struck ! (VIDEO)

( VIDEO ) Report From the MGB of the People's Democratic Republic of Donetsk ~ 


During the joint operation by the law enforcement authorities of the DPR, an attempt was made to conduct a sabotage and terrorist act (STA) prepared by Ukrainian Junta special services, whose purpose was one of the most important objects of the Republic's infrastructure, and, as a consequence, destabilization of the socio-political situation in the territory of the People's Democratic Republic.

During the events, it was established that with the purpose of preparing the STA, a group of persons was selected and sent to the DPR by the counterintelligence service of the Security Service of the Ukraine Junta. The leader, a serviceman of the 8th Special Operations Forces Regiment of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry (Khmelnytsky) - Sugerei Oleg Viktorovich (16.11.1976) ., Born in Kharkov).

Subsequently, the staff of the Security Service assigned the task of Sugerei O.V., as well as other members of the sabotage group, on the implementation of blowing up a TV tower in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk. As a reward for the STA, the recruiters promised the latter to help them enter the service in the Security Service, other members of the group were promised material rewards.

It is worth noting that the representative of the SBU explained to Sugerei OV, who was never in Donetsk, that the situation in the Donetsk People's Republic is very different from the one he used to see on Ukrainian television, It is necessary to go to the place in order to adapt and study the real situation.

Subsequently, Sugerei OV, using a fake passport, received from a member of the Security Service in Mariupol, arrived in the territory of the DPR, accompanied by other representatives of the sabotage group. Within a few weeks Sugerei O.V. and his crew under cover carried out . gathering as much information as possible and necessary for carrying out the STA. In addition, in order to prepare the STA, Sugerei O.V. with fellow SBU officers handed over weapons, explosives and special means, which he placed in a container fully equipped in a rented apartment in the Voroshilovsky district of Donetsk.

Upon receipt of the next package immediately before the implementation of the STA, a group of saboteurs and its leader Sugerei O.V. were  detained by law enforcement officers of the Republic.

At the same time , a conducted counterintelligence measure was established by the MGB that, on the instructions of the SBU, for the purpose of preparing a terrorist attack, information on the Petrovsky RTBC was collected early by the detainees of the MGB DPR in  the town of Bučok and the town of Ena which testifies to the thorough preparation of Ukrainian special services for STA.

Operational-search activities and investigative actions are continuing.

Ukraine Terrorist Captured

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