Kiev used heavy artillery at Donetsk

24 February

Kiev used heavy artillery at Donetsk

Last night Kiev junta troops shelled the Leninskiy district of Donetsk, the shelling was heard everywhere in Donetsk.

Three villages were left with no power. It was reported by the press-service of the City Council.

'In the night from February 23 to February 24 the Leninskiy district f the DPR's capital was severely targeted. Villages as Elenovka, Lyubovka, Andreevka were left with no power', it was specified.

Data on wounded and destroying is being checked.

'The shelling started at midnight, explosions were so loud, we live in the center of Donetsk, and such sounds of the war were not heard here for a long time enough, nearly for a year. We could not sleep, there were so many explosions. Thoughts about peple who were exactly in these villages to the south could not allow to sleep', said Donetsk citizen Nataliya.. 


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