Killers of Motorla and Givi were detained

9 February

Killers of Motorla and Givi were detained

Killers of militiamen Motorola (Arsen Pavlov) and Givi (Mikhail Tlstyh) were detained, announced to journalists DPR’s Head Alexandr Zakharchenko.

‘All people who concerned in the murders o DPR commanders Motorola and Givi have been indentified’, said Zakharchenko.

Motorola perished on October 16, 2016 in the elevator of his own house as a result of explosion.

Year ago at about 10pm horrible data was announced that commander of the Sparta battalion peished in the elevator of his own house. His wife Elena refused to believe in his death, he wrote her a message 'Open, I am at home' in 2 minutes before the tragedy.

on February 8, legemday commander of the battalion Somali Givi perished.

He was killed in his own office.

In regard to the version provided immediately after the tragedy, he was killed by the grenade launcher Shmal (Bumblebee).

The explosion destroyed the whole office. DPR Commandment confirmed death of Givi, and it was stated that it was terrorist act of Ukrainian side.

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