Klimkin noticed that there is no ‘ceasefire’ in Donbass

4 January

Klimkin noticed that there is no ‘ceasefire’ in Donbass

Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavel Klimkin stated that there is n ‘real ceasefire’ in Donbass. In regard to his words, 3 Ukrainian military units perished and fifteen more got wounded for the last days. Klimkin reported this in time of the press-conference with the head оf Germany Zigmar Gabriel.

However, Klimkin said nothing about civilians that suffer from Ukrainian aggressive actions in Gorlovka. Particularly dwellers of the village of Zaytsev in the north of Gorlovka have been suffering since 2014, and the New Year night was not exclusion, they had to go to bombshelters at 1am, as a result of the shelling by Kiev forces.


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