The Last Story of Resistance for Kafraya and Foua Residents

24 July

The Last Story of Resistance for Kafraya and Foua Residents

The final scene of farewell is not leaving the words of families from Kafraya and Foua towns, who've departed a few days, in a scene they've described as forced displacement and the start of diaspora that replaced the siege suffering with the pain of farewell.

This is a brief description of the real sorrow that no one is able to feel, as Fatima from Kafraya said, "death is easier than being forced to leave my birth land and looking back at the memories."

The eyes of Fatima started tearing on a home and land she left behind in Kafraya. For as she left her hometown, she cried even if she stayed their on the rubble, as the scent of them would give her body strength and power to continue her life.

The stories of suffering differ from one family to another even since the siege started and until they left both towns; Abu Salim, for example, didn't see pain until he left, and complained the harshness of militants and their aggression on the families of both towns during the families' departure, right to when they've reached the shelters in Jibrin, which added more suffering.

As migrants, the towns' people identified themselves, and by those who have forcefully displaced from their land, and as for the reason, Um Hussein from Foua said "we've departed our land because those surrounding us didn't want us there."


source U-News


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