Look into the eyes of Donbass. If you can

4 November

Look into the eyes of Donbass. If you can

It was not easy work.

Many kilometers passed on food in the shelled territory are behind

There are such zones in the DPR that are constantly shelled.

Idea of the project was born long time ago in 2014 when the entire territory of Donbass was shelled, mortars fell everywhere. Ukrainian press reported about fairytales n presence of Russian army, and in fact peaceful district were shelled.

I have never seen Russian army in Donbass, however I met many children who became adults in one moment. These children look at you at the photos. Each children was asked to look into the eyes of people who target them.

You see not simple portraits of children, these glances are sentences, and screams. Children had very serious attitude to this request, they believed that they would be able to influence upon those who target them every day. We man blond-haired girl in the village Severniy, she listened to me so attentively.

-Will you be able to look into the eyes who shell us? Asked I.

The girl thought a bit and answered. –Wait a minute, I will revise everything….She kept silence for a while and sais: I am ready, where to look at?

You seen damaged by fragments home of the girl, destroyed garage. She revised night shelling, when her mother screamed and pushed children to the corridor, when mortars whistled, how neighbors screamed, and someone of them got wounded.

This project is a pain that will not leave us till the end of our days, it is my small contribution to the history.

I remember one very horrible day when I filmed torn to peaces children in the village Severniy. They played football when mortars started falling from Kiev-controlled Peski. There were no military in the village, it was average day in the Donetsk region.

We did not knw that moment that many more such shelling would happen....

Author f the project Irina Lashkivich

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