Many Americans were recruited to Ukraine online

15 December

Many Americans were recruited to Ukraine online

Russia noticed that US citizens were being recruited for special missions in Ukraine via the MissionEssential company, Russia’s OSCE envoy, Alexander Lukashevich, told a session of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s permanent council in Vienna.

"We noted that an advertisement posted on the LinkedIn portal announces that US citizens with the knowledge of the Ukrainian language are being recruited via the MissionEssential company for covert US operations in Ukraine," Lukashevich said.

He said the candidates are required to have skills of secret contact with the local population, to be trained for operations in a zone of hostilities and have the ability to operate as part of a team of professionals ensuring safety of high-ranking US and foreign citizens.

"Canda follows suit as well - 200 Canadian military instructors deployed near Lvov have already trained over 10,000 servicemen of the Ukrainian armed forces. What else can it be, if not a contribution into the militarization of Ukraine," the Russian diplomat added.



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