Murderous Trump Regime Trying Everything To Implement It's Own Policy On Syria, Paper Not Worth The Ink Has Been Rejected By The Syrian People !

27 January

Murderous Trump Regime Trying Everything To Implement It's Own Policy On Syria, Paper Not Worth The Ink Has Been Rejected By The Syrian People !

The Syrian ambassador to the United Nations and head of the government delegation to intra-Syrian peace talks has strongly rejected a proposal offered by some countries, including the US and Saudi Arabia, for the resolution of the Syrian crisis, saying the so-called peace plan is “not even worth the ink.”

Syria has rejected in full the informal paper on reviving the political process in Geneva because it contradicts international resolutions and aims to undermine the Geneva talks and the Sochi Congress. In a press conference at the end of Vienna’s meeting on Friday, al-Jaafari said the Syrian delegation has had constructive discussions with the UN Special Envoy on Syria Staffan de Mistura. “We used the meeting to answer many questions, especially with regard to Sochi’s Congress,” al-Jaafari said, adding that “the results of the Congress will be the outcome of the dialogue between the Syrians themselves.” He explained that the aim of Sochi’s Congress is an intra-Syrian national dialogue without external interference as 1,600 Syrian participants representing the various components of the Syrian people will attend it. Al-Jaafari said that it is no coincidence that the Vienna meeting coincided with the “leaking” or intentional distribution of an “informal paper” for the so-called revival of the political process in Geneva about Syria by representatives of five countries who met in Washington and then Paris, namely the United States, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, all of whom have been involved in shedding Syrian blood since the beginning of the crisis. “This in itself is like a black comedy which we are living in a new chapter of the conspiracy against Syria. How does a country like America – who created and sponsored Daesh (ISIS) terrorist organization, and is still fighting for it over the Syrian territory, a state that violates Syrian sovereignty by its military presence on its territory in flagrant defiance of all international covenants and laws – how can a state like this whose hands are covered in Syrian blood and has directly attacked Syria talk about the political solution and the future in Syria?” al-Jaafari said. “How can countries such as Britain and France, who follow American policy like the blind leading the blind, envision of any solution or political horizon in Syria? And a state like Jordan, which hosts the secret military operations room and has opened its territory to terrorists from all directions and turned its territory into a safe haven for seven terrorist training camps to train and send them to Syria and other countries, how can it talk about sovereignty, politics, and participation in making a political solution in Syria? “And last but not least, Saudi Arabia, the crown jewel, the epitome of democracy, the beacon of freedom in the East, the model of the rule of law, the example of constitutions and social justice, the oasis of good living and gender equality, the icon of elections and alternation of holding power, how can such a medieval country contribute to devising an advanced vision for a Syrian constitution? This rally is a black comedy,” he added. Al-Jaafari affirmed that this so-called informal paper is totally rejected and is not worth the ink it was written with, because the Syrian people have not and will not accept solutions that are parachuted to them or brought on tanks. He added that the authors of this informal paper have written it in an irresponsible manner that portrayed the political process in Geneva as if it has died, adding that the authors of this paper are trying to give the impression that they are trying to revive the political process in Geneva while in fact they seek to “kill it and attend its funeral” as the local saying goes. He pointed out that this failed attempt seeks to undermine the Geneva talks, the Sochi Congress, and any prospects for the political solution in Syria, because this is consistent with its authors’ destructive policy in the region. Earlier, the delegation held a new meeting with UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura at the UN HQ in Vienna. The meeting comes as part of a new round of the intra-Syrian dialogue in the context of the Geneva political process.

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Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari made the remarks at a press conference held at the end of UN-brokered indirect peace negotiations between the Syrian government and opposition groups in the Austrian capital city of Vienna on Friday, referring to what he described as an informal paper about reviving the political process in Geneva proposed by the US, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Furthermore, he blasted the five countries and told reporters that the proposal was “tantamount to a black comedy.” “All of them have participated in the bloodshed of the Syrian people,” he said of the five nations, denouncing Washington as the creator, financial supporter and protector of the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group. The senior Syrian negotiator also blasted Jordan for opening “its territories for foreign terrorists” and becoming “a haven for training camps” for them. He also questioned Amman’s eligibility as a determiner of Syria’s “politics, sovereignty and… future.” Ja’afari went on to lambast Saudi Arabia for co-authoring such a proposal, describing Riyadh sarcastically as anything but a “beacon of freedom in the east.” Speaking about the Vienna two-day meeting, he said the Syrian delegation had constructive discussions with UN Special Envoy on Syria Staffan de Mistura. “We used the meeting to answer many questions, especially with regard to Sochi’s congress,” Ja’afari said.





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