Proud Sister Republic Of Lugansk And It's Medical Centers Are Well Stocked With Vaccines To Carry Out Measles Vaccinations Unlike The Ukraine Regime Who Are In Need Of The Vaccines !

24 January

Proud Sister Republic Of Lugansk And It's Medical Centers Are Well Stocked With Vaccines To Carry Out Measles Vaccinations Unlike The Ukraine Regime Who Are In Need Of The Vaccines !


 LPR medical centres, unlike their counterparts in Ukrainian regions, are well-stocked with vaccines with measles immunisation ongoing, LPR chief sanitary officer Dmitriy Dokashenko told Lugansk Media Centre.

Unlike Ukraine, LPR has stock of vaccines, carries out measles vaccination - official

Ukrainian media outlets cited Transcarpathia state administration chairman Gennadiy Moskal as saying that the Ukrainian Health Ministry only met one-third of the region’s demand for measles vaccines. The Ministry has ignored the requests for additional batches of the vaccine. Regional officials asked Hungary to deliver it as relief supplies. A number of Transcarpathian education institutions were quarantined following an increase in the measles incidence rate. Ten people have died of measles recently.

Dokashenko made it clear that this situation occurred because the country had no regulations on mandatory immunisation.

“They (Ukraine) already have eight fataliies (among the measles cases). It’s terrible when people die of measles,” the LPR chief sanitary officer said. “The disease can be prevented by vaccination; this affliction and deaths could have been avoided. The forecast for situation does not look good, because Ukraine has no mandatory vaccination and a majority of the population is not inoculated.”

“People are not vaccinated against diphtheria which is more lethal than measles; rabies vaccination has not been carried out either. What can you say? This is their vision of the way health care should be. As I recall, Ukrainian Health Care Minister (Ulyana) Suprun said that they had no such problems, that they were fine and that there were no reasons to worry,” he added.


Ukraine has a 46.7 times increase in decease incidence rate from 2016. The largest measles outbreaks occurred in Odessa Region which reported 767 cases, Ivano-Frankivsk Region (877 cases) and Transcarpathian Region (265 cases). Children made up 73 percent of all measles patients; the persons who had received no measles vaccine made up 86 percent of those afflicted,” Dokashenko said.

He reminded that LPR medical centres were ready to provide measles vaccines and treatment to residents of Kiev-controlled part of Lugansk Region.

“We have a stock of measles vaccines in LPR and are ready to assist Ukrainian residents, those who ask us for help,” the chief sanitary officer said.

At present, measles immunisation is ongoing in the Lugansk People’s Republic to prevent the spreading of the disease.

In Ukraine, 86 percent of measles cases are persons who have not received the vaccine, whereas in LPR, vaccination covered 86.2 percent of all children aged two and 86.9 percent of children aged seven. “They have a reverse situation in Ukraine; the number of unimmunised people there equals that of the immunised ones in LPR,” Dokashenko said.

“We are aware of the higher measles incidence rate in Ukraine and realise that the infection might be imported into LPR as our children travel to Ukraine. Nevertheless, we are working with the population as planned and are sincerely willing to help people from adjacent territory,” he said.

Ukraine needs mandatory immunisation in order to reverse the situation.

“We once fought against poliomyelitis two years ago, and we carried out phased immunisation for the entire population,” he said.

“As of now, the Ukrainian Health Care Ministry is undergoing reforms with all that it entails. When the army reorganises, it cannot fight. The situation in health care is now similar: the Ministry cannot respond to the crisis because of ongoing reforms,” Dokashenko said.

He ruled out the possibility that LPR’s measles situation could ever be as bad as in Ukraine now.

“We are responsible for our work, we plan our work and predict possible aggravation of the epidemiological situation trying to avoid it,” the chief sanitary officer said.

Earlier, acting LPR head Leonid Pasechnik ordered acting Health Care Minister Pavel Lyaskevich to provide the opportunity to residents of Kiev-held areas of Lugansk region to have themselves vaccinated and take treatment for measles in the Republic.

Lyaskevich said that LPR medical ctnres had stocked medications for measles immunisation and treatment of residents of Kiev-held part of Lugansk Region.

The LPR Health Care Ministry press service said the Republic’s Medical Centers had met the measles vaccination target by 88 percent and that they were ready to help people living in Ukraine-controlled territory of Lugansk region..

On February 17 DPR and LPR Heads launched the program of humanitarian assistance for residents of Kiev-occupied part of Donbass. The main goal of the programme is to support socially vulnerable groups. It envisions financial and medical aid and educational services, as well as environmental safety of Donbass residents.

LPR Telecom and Mass Communications Ministry launched the humanitarian programme website.


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