Pyotr Poroshenko wants to be president for the next term

2 October

Pyotr Poroshenko wants to be president for the next term

Sergey Kaplin, a Verkhovna Rada (Ukraine’s national parliament) lawmaker with Pyotr Poroshenko Bloc, said on Sunday he plans to run for Ukrainian president as a nominee of a united Socialist Party.

"Socialists, Social Democrats and trade unions unanimously voted for uniting into one team - the Bloc For Ordinary People. It was a common decision that was shaped after a tour that followed the attack on the oldest party, the Socialist Party of Ukraine, by neo-Nazi [Ilya Kiva], [Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen] Avakov’s puppet," Kaplin wrote on his Facebook account.

The new party, in his words has "a plan of struggling for power" and a plan of Ukraine’s rebuilding. "We are set to win the presidential elections. And I am thankful that the leftists have confided in me as a single candidate," he stressed.

In the summer of 2017, former adviser to the Ukrainian interior minister Ilya Kiva proclaimed himself as the leader of the Socialist Party of Ukraine. Following that, a number of the party’s members said it was an illegal takeover of the party. However the country’s ministry of justice recognized Kiva as the party leader.

Next presidential elections in Ukraine will be held in May 2019. The acting head of state, Pyotr Poroshenko, has been evading a direct answer to the question of whether he plans to run for another office term or not. Many experts however don’t rule out a possibility of early presidential elections.



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