Russian Hackers? And What Do You Know About Fake News of Western Medias?

22 October

Russian Hackers? And What Do You Know About Fake News of Western Medias?

Winter is coming...and somebody, named Alexander Kokcharov (famous for running fake account of Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with his gay friend) and Elena Ostanina, has already started to scare trustful audience with all those bad things that must happen to foreign visitors of 2018 FIFA World Cup.

According to mentioned ANALysts, Russia will welcome foreign guests with:

  • fans and police violense that may (oh, sorry! that WILL) lead to injuries and damage to property;
  • rasist attacks from fans and radical groups (Russia is not a country only of bears on monocycles - there must be some radicals, too);
  • "minor crimes" like pick pocketing and robberies (in which Universe fucking robbery is a minor crime??? ANALyst Kokcharov is sooo ANALyst);
  • cyber attacks on corporate visitors (thank the Lord, I have almost lost a hope to read about cybercrimes of Russians).

Just note:

Mr. Kokcharov is officially employed by IHS Markit and is being published by its trustworthy (used to be) military magazine Jane's. And nobody say a word! Well-coordinated and undisguised sabotage is taking place.

But when the World asks for any proofs of any Russian malicious activity, they have to use «Jen» Psaki, John Kirby, Heather Nauert and other tongue-tied persons to cover just another fail. Is there any logic here?

Sure, there is plenty of it! Everything is well-planned and thought out to the last detail. Western audience must be scared by Russians, must hate them and (that is the point) must totally believe those who "protect" the audience from evil Russians. What can be said in this situation? Do not read British press!

Epifan Zhirny​



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