SBU shot to death ex-militia of the DPR Photo 18+

20 July

SBU shot to death ex-militia of the DPR Photo 18+

Military correspondent Mikhail Andronik posted details of violent murder of former militia f the DPR by workers of the SBU.

‘On July 14 Andrey Gordeev who was born in Donetsk , who was in ranges in the militia in 2014-2015 met in social networks a woman from Mariupol and decided to join his life with her and departed to Mariupol.

When he tried to cross the contact line, he was detained by militarymen of one f the brigades f marines of AFU. There are no details what happened later, but two days passed and Ukrainian Mass Media started posting that DPR army shot to death at his back a militiaman who tried to get AFU side. And day after SBU handed the body to the DPR.

‘Looking at the body of the man is visible that the bullet entered to the left near the shoulder, it means that he more probably was on his knees and his hands were behind his back’, Andronik writes.

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