The Suicide Of The Ukraine Junta, Digging Itself Into A Historical Pit !

8 January

The Suicide Of The Ukraine Junta, Digging Itself Into A Historical Pit !

‘Kiev is digging itself into a historical pit’, Senator Morozov on disaster in modern Ukraine

Member of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Oleg Morozov has commented on the demands to recognize the presence of Ukraine in the USSR as a “Bolshevik and Communist occupation”.

Senator noted that the interpretation of history under any political angle always turns into a reverse effect.

If to follow the logic of the director of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory Vladimir Vyatrovich, it can be seen from what the current country consisted of in 1917-1918, the period of the Pereyaslavl Rada can be reached. These researches will show that Ukraine is not what its authorities represent today at all.

All their statements are a propaganda war, and they can not be taken seriously from a legal point of view.

Mr Morozov stressed that when using fake historical documents, political consequences can not be avoided. However, the disaster with modern Ukraine is that situations with the Crimea and the Donbass has not taught with anything; it continues to dig itself into a historical pit.

The current Kiev regime, built on a false history and on a coup d’état, on Western money and bayonets of the extremist organization “Right Sector”, will not hold on the ground. Everything will collapse sooner or later, senator is sure.

Earlier, MP Leonid Kalashnikov noted that, if one understands seriously, Kiev should be ready to return half of Ukrainian territories to the Russian Federation.


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