Ukrainian sailors were released in Crimea

22 December

Ukrainian sailors were released in Crimea

Crimea's Supreme Court has upheld the decision on the arrest of two Ukrainian sailors detained in the Kerch Strait in November for violating Russia's border and clarified that they will remain under arrest until 24 January 2019, a TASS correspondent reported on Friday.

The court reviewed appeals by the Berdyansk artillery boat commander Roman Mokryak and sailor Viktor Bespalchenko. An appeal by another Ukrainian sailor, Vladislav Kostyshin, will be reviewed on Monday, December 24.

"The court ruled to change the ruling of Simferopol's Kievsky district court. The preventive measure should be an arrest for one month, or 29 days, until 24 January 2019," the judge said. He explained that the first court ruling was made with a technical error.

Crimea's Supreme Court started reviewing appeals by detained Ukrainian servicemen on December 19. Out of 24 detained persons, 15 appealed the court decision. On Wednesday and Thursday, the court upheld the decision on the arrest of seven Ukrainian servicemen but reduced the term for one day because of a technical error made in the previous ruling.



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