War Crimes, Simply Criminal As A Family Have Lost Their Home Due To Nazi Ukraine Bombing In Pervomaisk, Christmas Season Of Hell ! (PHOTOS)

15 December

War Crimes, Simply Criminal As A Family Have Lost Their Home Due To Nazi Ukraine Bombing In Pervomaisk, Christmas Season Of Hell ! (PHOTOS)

A family from Pervomaisk miraculously survived their house being hit by two heavy artillery rounds. The house owner Alina Deduscheko told the story to Lugansk Media Center.

Pervomaisk family miraculously survives Kiev's strikes on their house (PHOTOS)  

Overall, Ukrainian army violated the ceasefire 12 times over the past 24 hours, using heavy artillery and mortars. Two civilians sustained injuries in Pervomaisk, a number of households in Stakhanov were damaged, as well as gas pipes and power transmission lines.

"Luckily, there were no flammable things in the house, otherwise I don't know what could have happened. We were all in the house, my husband and I, and kids. It began rumbling and falling down… The elder daughter was frightened; the younger was calling me "Mom, Mom". The eldest got stuck in the room, as the door got blocked by fallen bricks," Deduscheko said.

"Thanks to our wonderful neighbors, they came to us right away. The emergency services arrived, followed by police and community services and social workers. It was very fast."The woman said she hoped in vain that Kiev forces had stopped shelling the town and its residential quarters.

"I honestly believed it was over, it won't happen to us. We kept the kids away from the town for three years, and lived here together with my husband. Then I decided to bring the kids back as I thought it has calmed down here, and they will shell only some positions somewhere else. But I was so wrong. They still fire at civilians as they used to do. I have a Ukrainian ID, what wrong have I done to them?" Deduscheko told Lugansk Media Center correspondent with bitterness in her voice.

"My daughter is now telling me, let's go home. But where we are supposed to go if there is no longer a home?"

The family miraculously were not injured, though the children were frightened, but the girls were smiling as they spoke to journalists.

"I was asleep and our house broke apart, because someone was throwing stones. We could barely escape. Everyone is alive and my dolls as well," four-year-old Vika said.

She said she did not know who did this to her house, but hoped things will soon be as they used to.

LPR acting head Leonid Pasechnik has taken the situation in Pervomaisk under his purview, LPR Emergency Minstry head Sergey Ivanushkin said at the emergency meeting in the town, which suffered the Nazi Kiev attack over the night.

Pervomaisk authorities stand ready to evacuate children to bomb shelters, the local administration head Sergey Afanasiev said.


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