Who is Alexandr Dugin? Is he against the West?

29 November

Who is Alexandr Dugin? Is he against the West?

During this first episode of "An interview with Aleksandr Dugin", Jesper Larsen, journalist at dkdox.tv, questions the Russian philosopher and political analyst in Moscow, to figure out: Who is Aleksandr Dugin? Western media has portrayed him as a nationalist, however, he states that he is against national statehood.

The person of Aleksandr Dugin has been pictured in Danish mainstream media, such as Jyllandsposten and Berlingske, referring to him as a nationalist, or even an ultranationalist. He claims that his name and his writings, has been used to demonize Russian relations for geopolitical reasons. Further more, he encourages Western-civilizations to stay out of the affairs of non-Western civilizations.


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